The Cars are in Action!

205 x 280 mm / 64 pages / Age 5+



In the world of Cars, everything is the same as in our world: the kid-cars go to school, are happy, sad or amazed, they fight and they make friends – but mostly they like to have super fun all the time!

Text in the book:

The Race

That autumn morning was shaping up to be very exciting for the car preschoolers in Car Town. For the first time in the history of the Car Town kindergarten, there was going to be a big race for car preschoolers. The Great Fall Race was going to award a cup to the car preschooler who would run the best race and manage to cross the finish line first. When he saw the cup, Cody Car decided he would win this race and he would do everything in his power to get that cup.

Any car preschooler who felt capable of running the race could enter. Most of the contestants were boy cars, while the girl cars made up the cheerleading section of the crowd. Bea Beetle had even prepared a very cute sign, supporting her kindergarten classmates.

The race was held in Car Town and the rules said the little cars had to follow the marked route.

The cars were supposed to line up at the start line by their kindergarten class. From Cody Car’s class only he, Johnny Jeep and Toby Tipper Truck had entered the race.

“The little car who completes the assignment the fastest and according to regulations wins the race!” said mayor Benny Bulldozer to the little cars, explaining the rules of the race.

“Understood, mister mayor!” the contestants nodded.

“Then: ready, set, go!”

And so the three classmates were off in the Great Fall Race for car preschoolers!

At first, all three of them rolled side by side, bumper to bumper. But when they neared the town museum, Cody Car took the lead. Johnny Jeep was close behind him. Toby Tipper Truck, because of the huge amount of sweets he had every day, started to lag behind his friends, so it was clear who would come in third.

When they approached the Car Town school, Johnny Jeep took the lead. When they drove past Tori Trolley, she encouraged the little contestants with her ringing bell.

Until the middle of the race Cody Car and Johnny Jeep drove very close to each other, then the little jeep kicked into a higher gear, leaving Cody Car behind. The little blue car tried to speed up, but to no avail – he couldn’t catch him anymore.

Johnny Jeep was approaching the finish line when …….