One Year in my Life

235 x 165 mm / 128 pages / Age 14+



Seeing these pages you may say: “It’s just a diary.” But it’s not just a diary. These pages can be what you want them to be: the chronicle of an age, a year’s colorful painting, sounds, perfumes, thoughts and emotions, a window to yourself or a mirror in which you can see who you were at a moment in time. We have prepared for you for every day of the year a question and a piece of advice, a word of encouragement or a brief meditation. Answer the question and read the advice for that day, and you will create beautiful memories. Before you realize, you will have sketched your self-portrait in 365 (or 366) touches. It’s a great gift you can do for yourself over the years, but also a special gift you can give to a good friend right now.