My First Encyclopedia. Animals

215 x 215 mm / 256 pages / Age 6+

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Discover the wonderful world of animals with this beautifully illustrated encyclopedia. Children can discover in this book many new and fascinating things about domestic, wild and sea animals, insect and birds, extraordinary illustrations come to complement the information that you find in this useful and educational encyclopedia.

Text in this book:

The Hen

It is a very widely encountered domestic bird in households and farms. Its body is covered with feathers of different colors, the male being more vividly colored, with a big comb on its head and spurs on its feet. The hen produces annually somewhere between 120 – 140 eggs. It can only fly very short distances. The domestic hen has its origins in the wild hen, encountered in Asian forests. It lives between 5-11 years, depending on the race.

Size: the hen has about 20-25 cm, but the size differs according to race.

Weight: depending on the race, it weighs between 3.5 and 5.5 kg.

Food: it feeds on grass, different kinds of weeds and grain.

Breeding: the hen breeds by way of eggs, which it hatches. It tends very carefully to its chicken.

Where it lives: originally from India, the hen is the most popular fowl.

Use: hens are raised for meat and eggs.

Family: the male is called a rooster, and the little ones are called chicken.