Fantastic Vacation – Beware: Adventure Ahead

205 x 285 mm / 80 pages / Age 8+



Toni is 11 years old and is not happy to start his summer vacation because he will have to spend it with his strange Aunt Zinis. He is convinced that on this holiday he will spend the most boring days of his life. But he is so wrong! This holiday not only has prepared a lot of extraordinary secrets but will experience unforgettable adventures and a lifetime friendship. The unique experience of the two small protagonists will open their eyes to the diversity of colors of the world and will help them to understand the magical power of positive thinking.

Text in the book:

Tony woke up when the car stopped in front of aunt Zinnia’s house. He looked out the car window with sleepy eyes but he couldn’t tell where he was. He didn’t recognize the house. This was not how he remembered it, it seemed to him that it had looked different the last time he had seen it, years before. The three of them were amazed by the view. Mom managed to come to her senses first:

“Darling, this garden has always been this wild? Is it me or it has turned into a real jungle?”

“Wow!” Tony peeped up. “I wonder if there are any monkeys here.”

Indeed, looking at the trees that were much taller than the rest and at the dense climbing vegetation that covered the whole house, the thought of spotting a monkey looking for bananas or some colorful parrots amidst the thick foliage didn’t seem so far-fetched.

“Looks like she can’t afford a gardener,” Dad managed to spit out, pale and still gaping. All right, let’s take the luggage out of the car! Tony, stop staring! You’ll have enough time to examine every single bush.

“Oh, God! Darling, I had forgotten how huge this house was! I wonder what Zinnia is doing with all these rooms?

“My sister always loved big spaces. And you know she has paintings in every room. Zinnia, my dear!”

Aunt Zinnia had appeared at the gate. She was wearing a long, yellow dress, dotted with small flowers, and a wide-brimmed blue hat. The gaudy summer outfit was rounded up by a pleasant smile and a mischievous look. Looking at her, Tony was visited by a host of pleasant memories while at the same time he was imagining what a stir she would cause in the city with an outfit like that….