Dinosaurs. Illustrated and Bilingual Atlas – 2 titles German and English

225 x 305 mm / 48 pages / Age 7+


How did the dinosaurs look like? And how many were they? Who were the strongest? But the smallest? How smart were they? And why did they disappear? How big was a dinosaur egg? What other animals lived on Earth at the same time as the dinosaurs? And how is it that we know so much about things that happened hundreds of millions of years ago?
Answers to these questions, dozens of exceptional photos, fascinating details about the dinosaurs’ world, games and more exciting information – here’s what the volume dedicated to Dinosaurs offers in our new series of illustrated atlases. But not only that! We are offering you more, this exceptional series is bilingual, so you have the opportunity to learn about dinosaurs as fun as you can, while improving your knowledge of English / German!