Coloring Positive Feelings

285 x 210 mm / 64 pages / Age 14+


It is well known that our mind cultivates flashes of relaxation, so the body automatically sets free. This wonderful coloring book really helps to relax, unwind and eliminate stress, but it can also be a perfect gift for the loved ones. Pages are detachable. BONUS: Positive messages are always welcome: I feel wonderful today, Think positive, Be strong, Smile, You are the best, Carpe diem, Everything is possible, My life is a perfect gift – these are just a few. So do color and be positive all the time!

Good to know: Adult coloring books can help with a number of emotional and mental health issues. For many, boredom, lack of structure, and stress are the greatest triggers they have. This applies to individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders, stress disorders, depressive disorders, eating and binge eating disorders, anger management issues, and substance abuse issues. The time and focus that adult coloring takes helps the individual remove the focus from the negative issues and habits, and focus them in a safe and productive way