The Big Book of Tantrums. Stories for Preventing Tantrums to Kids

250 x 280 mm / 128 pages / Age 2+

Copyright Price: 1500 EUR for 3 years / 1950 EUR for 5 years / No Statements / English Text Available


Childhood tantrums represent a real problem that most parents must deal with. Although we all know that there are no guaranteed methods, the present book proposes the impossible – to stop the hysteria with the help of stories. The stories focus on the lives of children aged between 2 and 4 and present situations when the child does not want to wake up, sleep, eat, take a bath, brush the teeth, dress, go to kindergarten … and many other scenarios. Illustrations are special, warm and age-matched.

Text in the book: 

I Don’t Want to Sleep!

Before her afternoon nap, Mom read to Emily a long, beautiful story. Then they looked at the pretty pictures in the book and Emily recounted the details of the story.

“And now, it’s time for you to go to sleep!” said Mom giving Emily a kiss and tucking her in with her favorite blanket, with little bears on it.

“I don’t want to sleep! I don’t want to!” resisted Emily throwing aside the blanket and starting to jump up and down on the bed.

Shaking her head, Mom looked at the little girl who was lately starting her every answer with ‘no’. She had no idea how to calm Emily down and get her to sleep a little. She didn’t have to, in the end, because the bed jumped suddenly, moved from his spot and threw the little girl down.

But Emily didn’t give up. The very next moment she was back and jumping once more. The bed threw her down again. When Emily tried to climb back, the bed slid over a little bit and so on. Emily got angry.

“I want to jump on the bed!” she said kicking her feet.

“You can sleep on me, not jump on me!” answered the bed. “But if you don’t want to sleep, I can leave. I know a place where children would be very happy to have me – they would sleep on me, love me and never hurt me.”

Emily was shocked. She had never thought her bed could have his own thoughts and feelings. She went to comfort him and sat down gingerly. Then the bed spoke again:

“If you want, I can even swing a little, so you would fall asleep easier and faster. Do you want me to?”

Emily nodded sleepily, she lay down and fell asleep almost immediately, although the bed had barely started swinging.