Magical Seasons

285 x 210 mm // 64 Pages // Age 14+


It is said that reading a book is a relaxation technique. Well, this book does offer relaxation, but an extremely colorful one! We invite you to color, because although the illustrations drive us through all four seasons – while coloring, the time has other coordinates and colors, the past and the future do not exist, so this moment has to be intensely lived. And it’s already proven that this activity is the best way to eliminate the accumulated stress, so it’s worthwhile to lose ourselves through Magic seasons.

Good to know: Believe it or not, coloring has intellectual benefits as well. It utilizes areas of the brain that enhance focus and concentration. It also helps with problem-solving and organizational skills. This may sound strange, and like perhaps the usefulness is being stretched, but it is all true. Our frontal lobes are responsible for these higher level activities and functions of the brain, and coloring detailed pictures activate all those properties. Think of considering complex color schemes, and using the brain to balance and make the picture aesthetically pleasing.