365 Stories

200 x 245 mm / 368 pages / Age 5+



Without stories, our minds and souls are empty. To preserve the magic of childhood, this book gives us a story for every day of the year: 365 stories around the world with beautiful fairies, goblins, wise rabbits, and enchanted princes. For our children’s souls to grow beautifully and blessed.

Text in the book:

Catherine and the Cheese
Catherine, the silly peasant woman, started one day for the market with wheels of cheese to sell. On the way there, one wheel of cheese rolled down from the cart and ended up in the valley.
“Oh, you cheese, I’m in no mood to run after you!” cried out Catherine. “But don’t worry, I’ll send another wheel to bring you back!”
So she did just that. She rolled another wheel of cheese after the first one, but she waited in vain, as neither one of them returned.
‘Maybe they like being together,’ thought Catherine and rolled the third wheel of cheese after the first two. But when none of them came back to her, she thought that maybe the third one had gotten lost. So she rolled the
fourth one and then the fifth one, and so on until she had no cheese left in the cart. She waited a little while, and then she cried out in anger:
“Oh, you wheels of cheese, you think I’ve got time to waste waiting for you? I’m off to the market and you can come running after me for all I care! At least then you won’t laze around!”
And so Catherine got to the market empty-handed. And she is still waiting for those wheels of cheese to come rolling after her, unless she got tired of waiting.