30 Stories about Love and Friendship. Bilingual Volume

205 x 285 / 32 pages / Age 8+


What o good way to read a wonderful story and to learn English at the same time!

One story in this book:

Loyal Friends

Once there lived a servant boy who loved animals very much. He took such good care of his horse that the fox grew envious and wanted to have such a good master herself. One day she asked the servant boy if he would take her in his service. The boy agreed and he took care of her with as much love and thoughtfulness as he did the horse. After a while, the bear came, and then the wolf, and so on, until all the animals in the forest ended up serving the boy. At some point, the animals decided to look for a wife for their master. Their choice fell upon the king’s daughter. The meeting of the two went wonderfully, and the girl fell in love with the boy. But the king wasn’t happy with his daughter’s choice and, as punishment, he locked her in the tower. The animals came up with a plan to free the princess. The cat lured the girl on the terrace, and then the hawk stole her and took her straight to the forest. The king got furious and prepared for war against the forest animals. But the animals called for help. When the king saw the huge and frightful army of the animals, he surrendered. He forgave his daughter and gave his blessing to the union of the two. And they lived happily ever after, together with all the animals in the forest.