30 Stories about Animals. Bilingual Volume

205 x 285 / 32 pages / Age 8+


What o good way to read a wonderful story and to learn English at the same time!

One story in this book:

The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf

The big bad wolf wanted to catch the three little pigs living in the brick house. So he thought he would trick them. He knocked on their door and called to them in a friendly voice:

“Hello, dear neighbors! Wouldn’t you like to snack on some sweet garden carrots?”

“Oh, yes! Where are they?” asked the little pigs.

“At the White farm. If you’d like, I can show you the way tomorrow,” said the wolf.

“Thank you very much, that would be nice! Come get us tomorrow at six,” said the three brothers.

The next day at six sharp, the wolf showed up at the house, but the little pigs had gone to the farm without him and had already returned with their bags full of carrots. Then the wolf came up with another trick:

“There’s an apple tree full of ripe and juicy apples at the Black farm. Would you like me to show it to you?”

“Of course, thank you!” said the little pigs. “Come and get us tomorrow at six.”

But this time the wolf didn’t fall into their trap: the next day at five he went to the farm and, as he had thought, the little pigs were already in the tree.

“You were right! These apples are very good!

Here, have a taste!” they shouted, and started throwing apples at the wolf, chasing him away.